Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family-Outdoors Forum

Family-Outdoors has launched a new experiment on their site. They have put up a forum for outdoorsmen to share ideas, fishing reports, etc. According to the site owner, at this stage they are keeping it fairly simple until they have gauged user interest. He states, "We have in place the capability to rapidly enhance features if it appears that there is sufficient need."

When asked about some of the issues forum operators run into, such as spamming, rude behavior, and off-topic discussions (such as politics), the site owner went on to say, "We will be monitoring threads on the forum and deleting problematic posts, and in worst case scenarios, banning abusers. We want this forum to be suitable for not only adults, but also for kids, and will do what we can to ensure this can happen."

The forum can be found at Family-Outdoor Forum.

Spring and Fall Turkey Seasons

According to Jim Low from the MDC, the Spring Turkey season in Missouri has been set for youth on April 10 and 11 and for everyone else from April 19 to May 9th.

The Fall season has been set for October 1 to 31.

For additional information visit the MDC website. For info on hunting turkey on public land in Missouri visit Missouri Public Land Hunting.

For a great assortment of Wild Game Recipes visit our recipe site.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Missouri Public Lands Hunting

The MDC does such a great job in all respects and their website is also outstanding. We felt was a separate resource where hunters can access information organized by county might be a big help. This resource was developed as much as an aid to us as we do our research on hunting areas as for any other reason. We like to pick a county or two, and find conservation areas that have good species populations for that species.

Of course after choosing an area, we visit the MDC site for that area to check on special regs in place. We do not feel we want to include the regs as they change often and we don't want to mislead someone into a ticket.

This information can be accesses at Missouri Public Lands Hunting.