Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Got any Great Missouri Stream or River Fishing Photos to Share?

David Mann, outdoor writer and University of Missouri journalism student, is writing a comprehensive stream and river fishing guide to Missouri.  This edition will detail not just the streams that normally get covered, but also some of the more out of the way places found around the state.  It will for example, cover many streams and rivers of northern Missouri which rarely get much coverage.

He is asking outdoorsmen and women to consider contributing any photos they might have to his cause. While we have collected an extensive number of photos, there are some streams and rivers for which perhaps we have spent too much time fishing and too little time taking pictures.

If you have any photos you'd be willing to send to this cause, please email us at either pamanniii@gmail.com or support@family-outdoors.com. We have been informed that we will need to send a release that essentially states we can use the photo in any way and that you expect no compensation in return.  We will of course credit photographers in captions if you wish.

Your help is greatly appreciated.