Monday, October 6, 2014

Waterfowl Hunting and Wetland Conservation in Missouri - A Model of Collaboration

Jefferson City, MO | October 6, 2014 - Discover the unique history of the "Missouri Model" of
wetland and waterfowl management in this large format and richly illustrated new book.
The success of Missouri's waterfowl and wetland conservation is not an accident.  Careful planning, skillful execution of well-designed strategies, public and private partnerships, strong citizen support and dedicated funding have all led to the quality wetland habitats and migratory bird populations that we enjoy today. This new book chronicles and celebrates this success through gorgeous color photographs, reproductions of well-known waterfowl artwork and historic black and white photos.
The book's authors, many of them former waterfowl biologists and wetland managers, have donated their services to produce this book.  Sponsors, anchored by Bass Pro Shops, the Missouri Department of Conservation, Ducks Unlimited, the Conservation Federation of Missouri, the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation and private citizens, have covered all production costs.
This is a must have book for all serious migratory bird hunters, and all net proceeds from sales of the book will be dedicated to wetland and waterfowl conservation that benefits Missouri.
For more information about the book or to order a copy for yourself, visit the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation at
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