Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How are conservation areas important to you?

The Missouri Department of Conservation is in the process of updating management plans for conservation areas and invites public comments. To view management plans and share comments online, visit  
The following draft conservation area management plans are available for public comment June 1-30, 2016.

Central Region

Danville Conservation Area Management Plan – Danville Conservation Area is 3,136 acres of woodland, upland forest, glade, grassland, bottomland forest, old field, cropland, and ephemeral wetlands in Montgomery County. Management is focused on providing quality natural communities that support diverse wildlife populations and provide outdoor recreational activities. Three individual campsites without amenities, one designated camping area with six defined campsites, five parking lots, two privies, and a 3 mile hiking trail are available for public use.  
Mansfield Conservation Area Management Plan  – Alice Ahart Mansfield Conservation Area is 80 acres of forest in Camden County. Management activities are focused on wildlife, forest, and woodland resources with an emphasis on healthy forests and compatible recreational opportunities. This area offers a parking lot and a 0.75 mile hiking trail for public use.

Kansas City Region

Pinhook Access Management Plan  – Pinhook Access is 4 acres of forest and grasslands in Pettis County. This area is managed to provide public fishing access to Muddy Creek for bank anglers. There is one parking lot for public use.

Northeast Region

Anderson & DuPont Conservation Areas Management Plan  – This plan includes both Edward Anderson Conservation Area (1,046 acres) & DuPont Reservation Conservation Area (1,320 acres) in Ralls and Pike Counties. These areas provide for multiple public uses and for conserving and managing the areas’ natural resources.
Shelby County Conservation Areas (Less Than 155 Acres) Management Plan  – These areas provide compatible outdoor recreational activities including hunting and fishing. Conservation areas included in this plan are Arrow-Wood Conservation Area, Fed Bollow Conservation Area, and Pin Oak Conservation Area.

Northwest Region

Crooked River Conservation Area Management Plan  – Crooked River Conservation Area is 1,420 acres of forest, open fields, woodland, old field, grassland, food plots, impounded water, wetland, and infrastructure in Ray County. This area is managed to provide quality upland habitat and associated wildlife while providing a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities for the public. There are seven parking lots, seven individual campsites, two fishing ponds, and one fishing lake for public use.
Nodaway County Community Lake Management Plan  – Nodaway County Community Lake is 320 acres of old field, lakes/ponds, grassland, cropland, forest, and woodland. The purpose of this area is to provide fishing and hunting opportunities for the public in and around the Maryville area. This area offers a concrete boat ramp, one fishing jetty, one privy, three parking areas, one designated primitive camping area, and 2.6 miles of hiking trails.

Ozark Region

Dan and Maureen Cover Memorial Wildlife Area Management Plan  – Dan and Maureen Cover Memorial Wildlife Area is 282 acres of forest, woodland, grassland, old field, warm-season grass field, and open water in Oregon County. This area is managed for a mosaic of grassland, woodland, and forest natural communities to provide a diversity of wildlife habitats and to provide compatible public recreation opportunities. This area provides a parking lot and 1 acre Cover Lake for public use.

Southeast Region

Coldwater Conservation Area Management Plan  – Coldwater Conservation Area is 10,738 acres of upland forest, woodland, and savanna in Wayne County. The purpose of this area is to provide outdoor recreational opportunities and to manage the area’s forest and field resources for the benefit of wildlife and timber production.

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