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Profile: Union Ridge Conservation Area

Union Ridge Conservation Area is in the heart of Missouri's best whitetail deer hunting territory. It is not far from Kirksville, on Route D, two miles north of Greencastle.  In addition to being an area rich in deer hunting potential, it also is a beautiful area to hike, hunt other game, or even fish.  There is even enough room in its over 8000 acres to get back and do a little camping.

Deer Hunting at Union Ridge
First of all, there are rather strict regulations in place on this property for deer hunting.  This is likely due to the heavy pressure that the area has seen, and a fear that the population would be essentially eliminated.

At the writing of this article (and regulations have not changed much if any over the past few years), the regs called for antlered deer only and of course the 4-point restriction is in place.  For more detailed information on hunting regs, visit the links below.

For some hunters, these regulations may be a great opportunity.  Anything that makes hunting more difficult in an area tends to whittle down the number of hunters.  For the hunter who can scout the area thoroughly, and is willing to get way off the beaten path, this area holds some very large deer.  For scouting tips visit Scouting Missouri Public Lands Using Google Earth.

Other Species Hunting at Union Ridge
Pheasant quail and turkey enjoy fair populations.  Rabbits and squirrels have good populations.  There are special regulations ion place on some of these species.  See link below for more information.

This area contains fair populations of bass, crappie, sunfish, and catfish.  They can be found in Union Ridge Lake (11 acres) as well as Ponds 1 and 2 (.3 and .1 acres respectively).

Camping is allowed in Union Ridge Conservation Area.  The areas around parking lots fill quickly during the firearms deer season.  See the regulations at the link below for more information.

Union Ridge is a truly beautiful and fairly remote area.  Whether you are visiting for the hunting or fishing opportunities, or just to get outdoors, you cannot go wrong in this area.  It is really one of the Conservation Area gems in northern Missouri.

Contact Information:
Union Ridge Conservation Area Map
Union Ridge Conservation Area Brochure
Union Rodge Conservation Area Regs

*For comprehensive research on hunting areas on Missouri public land, visit Missouri Public Hunting.  Here you will find links to pages with Missouri Conservation Areas divided by county.  These pages also list game populations present on the property.  They were designed to assist hunters to hone in on an area to hunt.  Additionally, you will find a Mark Twain National Forest Hunting page

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