Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Cold Missouri Day

Looking out on a snowy dayImage by mbgrigby via FlickrIt is cold today and getting colder as the sun goes down.  It's not cold by the standards of Alaska from where I came.  But it's the kind of cold that brings the true meaning of winterfresh flavor deep into my lungs and makes me feel younger than however old I am.  I cannot imagine ever feeling old on a Winter day.  I do know not everyone feels the way I do, and I also know I may not feel this way in a few more years.

I hiked through the woods with my son that still is at home and we jumped one of the increasingly rare grouse in the area.  Our dog who is getting old like me ran as though she were still a skinny pup.  After our half hour hike we spread some birdseed on the ground and refilled the feeders and came in.

I just got in from my second outdoor foray.  I was making certain our cars would start and getting a bit of firewood for the night.  I told myself when I was done I would stand on the lower deck and listen to the wind and enjoy a moment before coming in for the night.  As I stood there the thought crossed my mind that I was born at the wrong time.  After this thought crossed my mind I reminded myself that this was awfully easy to say when my back faced a warm house.  At least in this country, we do not face the risks as part of our daily existence that would qualify me to know if I would have been tough enough to thrive one hundred years ago.

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