Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Fishing Blues

Canoers on Current River in the Ozark National...Image via WikipediaMaybe it's too early to be getting forlorn about there not being enough to do outdoors, but there might be some advantage in doing some planning for Spring and Summer fishing trips.  In reality, we love fishing the Ozarks streams and even trout parks during the Winter when the crowds are non-existent.

We have made a downloadable fishing calendar from January through August of 2011.  Maybe a fun activity would be to download it and write in some potential fishing dates.

We at Family-Outdoors are working on a public access fishing resource right now.  I have worked on counties alphabetically through Mississippi County as of this December 18, 2010 writing.  I have them organized by county, so if you want to find all (at some point it really shall be nearly all of them) the fishing spots in a certain county, you can look through these, find out what species are present, and plan accordingly.  A couple of other Family-Outdoors Resources are Smallmouth Central and Missouri Trout Fishing.
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