Friday, February 18, 2011

Trout Park Fever

100_0345Image by Dr.Nomad via FlickrOh boy!  Here they come.  The annual ritual for many of Missouri's trout fishermen is upon us.  It signals that Spring is around the corner, and that has me feeling pretty happy.  It also signals that for about the next month, for some fishermen the trout parks will be off limits.

The trout parks close for a couple of weeks before the March 1 trout "opener" and then there is my self-imposed restraining order keeping me away for a couple of weeks thereafter.  After all, I just posted the annual MDC press release about the big day.  They are forecasting 8,000+ anglers to descend on the Missouri Trout Parks this year.  That to me is a blessing and a curse.

I reckon that all that craziness will have most of Missouri's trout nuts kind of penned up in one central location.  I probably sound bitter, but I assure you I am not.  I cannot begin to convey how pleased it makes me to roll through Montauk and to see the party atmosphere, and then to leave it all behind as I move downstream on the Current to the wild beauty of what I enjoy about trout fishing.

Don't misunderstand me, I am not a trout park snob.  I will even wet a line in the social hole if I have someone with me that insists on baitfishing.  And, I enjoy it!  When I go to the parks, I expect a bit of social interaction, mostly pleasant, and some not so much.  I find the parks beautiful in their own way.  And, I get why some people love opening day.  There are some B-I-G fish in there then and besides, for some families and groups of friends, it's tradition.

So have a great time in the parks, and let a few sneak out the bottom of Montauk into the Current for me.  Maybe even one of those hawgs!

Current River Trout
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