Saturday, December 28, 2013

Opinions on CWD and Missouri Game Farms

CWD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is one of those issues I am trying very hard not to make an impulsive decision about.  I feel like there must be some perspectives I do not understand.  I thought about interviewing some captive breeding/fenced hunting operations in Missouri on the issue, but after reading their comments in the news it seems their position is pretty clear.

For those unaware of the issue, it kind of goes as follows.  A captive breeding operation had deer test positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) several years ago.  Now, it seems that it has spread to some other operations as well as the wild deer population - at least in the Macon County area (Northcentral Missouri).

Now, Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has proposed some regulations that are designed to greatly reduce the chances of captive deer escaping into the wild population.  One of these regulations proposed by MDC is to double fence captive deer areas, and have the outer fence be quite a bit higher than is now required.

Breeders have decided they don't like the rules and are asking the legislature to intervene by transferring their oversight to the Department of Agriculture.

There are always two sides to an issue, and I will disclose my thoughts here.  I have a natural dislike for game farms and breeding operations because part of my whole attraction to hunting is the natural and authentic aspect to the endeavor of hunting.  Further, I am generally opposed to politicians getting involved in management of our game and fish populations.

I would love to hear some perspectives from hunters and others concerned about the CWD issue in Missouri.  If there are breeders who read this and wish to lay out their position in a logical fashion, I would most certainly welcome that. See comment section below.