Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We went "Hunting" and Wilson is a "Hunting Dog"

We were “hunting” this morning and Wilson was a “hunting dog.” Sure!
Wilson the Huntn' Dog

My two sons and I spent our morning tromping through a beautiful ice covered conservation area that is near our home in Warren County.  That ought to narrow it down quite a bit as to where we were if you were so inclined to care.  

Wilson is one of the most loving dogs I have ever come across.  He was rescued in southwest Missouri - apparently starved and uncared for.  But, if he was ever overtly abused he is THE most forgiving creature God ever created because the sum total of his perceived purpose for existence is to be around people.  

He has one really annoying habit, and that is being impossible to train to come when called.  I can train dogs.  I am good at it if I do say so myself.  Parenthetically, I am expressly not asking for suggestions on how to accomplish this.  

As a consequence, Wilson rarely is turned loose.  As one of the most suspect wedding presents ever, when my oldest son got married in June, we gave them Wilson.  Miraculously, our son is a long distance runner, and at the end of eleven mile runs Wilson sort of stops pulling on his leash.  That is how much energy he has.

In the woods, if you turn him loose he will return when he is ready - anywhere from five minutes to a half an hour later.  So when we headed out this morning, the question was, do we keep him leashed or let him run.  The decision was - run.

By law, hunting dogs are okay where we were.  Therefore Wilson was a hunting dog today.  One minute we’d hear him a half mile away apparently having treed a squirrel and carrying on like he was going to explode.  Thirty seconds later he’d be back to check on us.  He was the happiest looking dog you’ve ever seen.

His cavorting had the effect of making it most unlikely we would actually encounter a squirrel or rabbit.  We in fact did not.

It was mighty chilly, the truck thermometer read 8 degrees when we started.  My two sons and I had an outstanding experience together, visiting and enjoying the outdoors.  We came home to a warm house and a great Christmas Eve Day, and are now a few minutes from heading off to church.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!