Saturday, November 8, 2014

MDC Seeks Input on Conservation Areas - Like voting, it is important to make your opinion heard

How are conservation areas important to you?

The Missouri Department of Conservation is in the process of updating management plans for conservation areas and invites public comments. To view management plans and share comments online, visit  
The following draft Conservation Area Management Plans are available for public comment from November 1-30, 2014.  

Northeast Region 

Redman Conservation Area Management Plan - Redman Conservation Area includes 120 acres of grasslands and woodlands that are managed to improve wildlife habitat and increase plant and animal species diversity. The grasslands provide habitat for upland wildlife species that depend upon the native grasslands. The area includes many native plants that are rare in northeast Missouri.  

Kansas City Region

James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area (Idea Gathering Stage) - James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area is accepting public comments prior to the development of its area management plan.

Southwest Region 

Fiddlers Ford Access Area Management Plan - Fiddlers Ford Access provides access to Turnback Creek. It includes 50 acres of forested land, and provides fishing, hunting and other outdoor recreational opportunities for the public.

Take a look at management plans and share your thoughts online at

Thank you for your interest in the management of your Conservation Areas! 
Redman Conservation Area
Redman Conservation Area
Amy BuechlerPublic Involvement Coordinator
573-522-4115, ext. 3252