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Conservation Action March 2012

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The Conservation Commission met March 7 and 8 at St. Louis. Commissioners present were:
Don R. Johnson, Festus, Chair
Don C. Bedell, Sikeston, Vice Chair
Becky L. Plattner, Grand Pass, Secretary
James T. Blair, IV, St. Louis, Member

The Commission approved the following regulation changes, effective March 1, 2013, unless otherwise noted:
·        Removed the requirement for affixing an approved safety sticker to firearms while hunting wild turkey, effective as soon as possible.
·        Established daily and length limits for striped bass at Bull Shoals Lake and standardizes striped bass length and daily limits on Norfork Lake with those of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to provide consistency and reduce angler confusion.
·        Approved several regulation changes for specific conservation areas (CAs).

The Commission:
  • Received presentations from:
-       Private Land Services Division Chief Mike Hubbard regarding wildlife damage management
-       Resource Science Division Chief Mike Kruse regarding chronic wasting disease monitoring in northern Missouri
-        Urban Wildlife Biologist Erin Shank regarding St. Louis Community Stewardship Grants
-       Protection Division Chief Larry Yamnitz regarding Protection Division community outreach
  • Presented 2011 State Hunter Education Instructor Awards to:
-         Floyd Bohler, St. Louis, Hunter Education Volunteer Instructor
-         Joe McFadden, St. Charles, Bowhunter Education Volunteer Instructor
-         Jean Mayer, Greenfield, Conservation Department Staff Instructor
-         Mark Haviland, Loose Creek, Conservation Agent Instructor
  • Accepted the donation of approximately 54 acres in St. Louis County as an addition to Rockwoods Range.
  • Approved selling approximately .57 acre and granting a temporary construction easement on approximately .94 acre of the Saline Valley Conservation Area in Miller County to the State of Missouri, acting by and through the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, for a bridge replacement project.
  • Suspended hunting, fishing and/or trapping privileges of 17 Missouri residents and one nonresident for Wildlife Code violations and affirmed actions taken by Missouri courts suspending privileges of two Missouri residents. Those whose privileges were suspended are:
James E. Boyer, Birch Tree, all sport privileges, lifetime
Kent W. Conley, Fordland, all sport privileges, 1 year
Kenneth M. Cooper, Crocker, all sport privileges, 1 year
James J. Cunningham, Sedalia, all sport privileges, 1 year
Travis J. Dority, Roach, all sport privileges, 6 additional years
Jeffrey A. Fike, Moberly, all sport privileges, 1 year
Benjamin S. Jackson, Macon, all sport privileges, 2 years
Charles D. Langley, New Madrid, hunting, until 12-28-2012
James C. McIntyre, Holden, all sport privileges, 1 year
Jerry D. Morgan, Climax Springs, all sport privileges, 1 year
Darrell E. Nolder, Hamilton, Ill., all sport privileges, 1.5 years
Mark A. Norton, Bowling Green, all sport privileges, 1 year
Bruce E. Potts, Fredericktown, all sport privileges, 3 years
Rodney D. Roland, Osceola, hunting, until 12/23/2013
John B. Schaeffer, Nixa, hunting, 3 years
Jerad R. Smith, Unionville, all sport privileges, 1 year
Gregory L. Thornhill, St. Joseph, all sport privileges, 1 year
Ryan C. Wade, Independence, all sport privileges, 1 year
James K. Waggoner Jr, Jefferson City, all sport privileges, 1 year
Toby L. Washburn, Kahoka, all sport privileges, 1 year
  • Suspended or revoked all hunting and fishing privileges of 270 people who are not in compliance with applicable child-support laws. Privileges suspended for noncompliance are reinstated once the Division of Child Support Enforcement notifies MDC that suspendees have come into compliance with the required laws.
  • Suspended privileges of 221 nonresidents under the provisions of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.
·        Set the next regular Conservation Commission meeting for Apr. 12 and 13 in Jefferson City.
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This document is provided for public information only and is not an official record of the Missouri Department of Conservation or Missouri Conservation Commission.