Saturday, April 7, 2012

Discover Hunting-Bowhunting

green version of line art drawing of an archer...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So you’ve tried your hand at archery and you’ve determined that bowhunting is something you want to pursue.  Now it’s time to invest in the equipment you’ll need to make this a reality.  Proper equipment selection is key to successful bowhunting and archery.  Everything from choosing the right bow, to arrow matching, points and other equipment will be covered during this second session of our ongoing, four-part bowhunting series at the Cape Girardeau Nature Center on Saturday, April 14 from 9-11 a.m. or Noon-2 p.m.  Ages 16 and up.  Registration is required.  Call 573-290-5218 to register or for more information.

Other upcoming sessions will include learning the anatomy of the game you are hunting for shot placement and distance estimation in Session 3 on Saturday, May 12 at the Cape Girardeau Nature Center.  Then, we will conclude this series with a practical 3D target shooting in hunting scenarios (along with blood tracking) at Maintz Conservation Area in June (date to be determined).  Call 573-290-5218 for more information about this and other Discover Hunting programs.