Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Conservation Commission met March 6 and 7 at Big Cedar Lodge, Ridgedale, Mo.

The Conservation Commission met March 6 and 7 at Big Cedar Lodge, Ridgedale, Mo. 
Commissioners present were:
Don C. Bedell, Sikeston, Chair
James T. Blair, IV, St. Louis, Vice Chair/Secretary
Marilynn J. Bradford, Jefferson City, Member
The Commission approved the report of the Regulations Committee, including:
  • Amendments to the Wildlife Code to provide clarity on Missouri’s pheasant hunting opportunities
  • Adding the goby, an invasive, exotic species of fish to the list of prohibited species
  • Prohibiting the use of big head and silver carp as live bait.

The Commission:
  • Received presentations from:
Ø  Fisheries Division Chief Brian Canaday regarding the cold-water hatchery system.
Ø  Shepherd of the Hills Interpretive Center Manager John Miller and Design and Development Division Chief Jacob Careaga regarding the Shepherd of the Hills Conservation Center Feasibility Study.
Ø  Outreach and Education Division Chief Mike Huffman and Design and Development Division Chief Jacob Careaga regarding  renovation of the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area Shooting Range and Outdoor Education Center.
Ø  Forestry Field Programs Supervisor Ben Webster regarding wild land fire suppression.
Ø  Wildlife Management Biologists Frank Loncarich and Kyle Hedges regarding the Southwest Missouri Quail Ecology Project.
  • Approved the purchase of approximately 480.49 acres in Montgomery County as an addition to Danville Conservation Area.
  • Approved the sale of approximately 2.37 acres in Ava in Douglas County.
·        Tabled the purchase of acreage in Carter County as an addition to Peck Ranch Conservation Area.
  • Suspended hunting, fishing and/or trapping privileges of 17 Missouri residents and one nonresident for Wildlife Code violations. Those whose privileges were suspended are:
Tonya Carrillo, Joplin, commercial breeder permit, 1 year
Donald Collett, Holts Summit, hunting and fishing privileges, 1 year
Travis J. Dority, Sand Springs, Mont., all sport privileges, an additional 7.5 years
Ryan T. Foster, Holt, all sport privileges, 1 year
Evert W. Howser, Blue Springs, hunting, 1 year
David M. Jansen, Marble Hill, hunting and trapping, 1 year
Jordan A. Johnson, Clinton, all sport privileges, 1 year
Dennis Koehler, Peculiar, fishing, 12 years
Harley M. Million, Ellsinore, hunting, 3 years
Nieall E. Odum, Kansas City, all sport privileges, 1 year
Timothy J. Palmer, St. Joseph, all sport privileges, 1 year
Joseph H. Schwartz, Greentop, hunting, 1 year
Michael J. Strause, Jackson, hunting, 1 year
Ronald G. Tate, St. Louis, hunting, 1 year
Matthew G. Troesser, Bonnots Mill, all sport privileges, 1 year
Tyler R. Wheeler, Liberal, hunting an additional 2 years
Michael L. Wiele, Joplin, hunting 1 year
Warren L. Wood, Jr., Gravois Mills, hunting and fishing, 1 year.
  • Approved the suspension or revocation of all hunting and fishing privileges of 289 people who are not in compliance with applicable child-support laws. Privileges suspended for noncompliance are reinstated once the Division of Child Support Enforcement notifies MDC that suspendees have come into compliance with the required laws.
  • Suspended privileges of 240 nonresidents under the provisions of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.
  • Set its next meeting for April 16 and 17 in Jefferson City
- end –  

This document is provided for public information only and is not an official record of the Missouri Department of Conservation or Missouri Conservation Commission.